Ever Feel Like All of Today's Media is Inflammatory Nonsense?

The Story -

You are not alone. As I take note of all the media - social, mainstream, and everything-in-between-stream, I cannot help but notice that the posts, pictures, and pundits which reach viral status are inherently virulent. Though this observation has been hiding in the back of my mind for some time, with the latest political events here in the US--election to inauguration (See my Post Election article)--the trend has become undeniable. Let’s take a look at the modern infosphere.

The Commentary

I am admittedly much more aligned with modern conservatism than I am modern liberalism when applied to 21st century American politics. As such, the pages I tend to personally follow do have notable conservative bias. However, I am the type who can befriend nearly anyone, which has resulted in my social media accounts being filled with intellectuals (yes, I am sarcastically mocking every single one of my friends, but I do so in good fun) from all points on the social, economic, religious, and political spectrums. This translates to my “feeds” constantly being updated with tirades from every angle.

Tirades. I used that word intentionally. Here are a few more words, and please tell me I’m wrong: reactionary, confrontational, controversial, close-mindedly emotional and divisive. The vast majority of viral pages being shared, whether from the left or the right, possess an in your face, I’m right and they’re wrong, attitude. Worse yet? We, as a society, EAT. IT. UP. We want the comfort of knowing we aren’t the only one’s who hold our opinions, and we elevate anyone who speaks aggressively in favor of our base beliefs to nigh celebrity status. An example from the conservative camp is Tomi Lahren, whose pointedly pugnacious rhetoric turns her into the very thing she so passionately speaks against. Then from the liberal lot you have the likes of...well pretty much every actual Hollywood celebrity (did you know Madonna threatened to blow up the White House?) decrying tolerance and love as if they are our beacon of hope, yet demonstrably demonize anyone who articulates a reason for possessing a differing opinion on political issues.

Such outbursts---oh and let’s throw in people who take protests to a completely irrational level in this subject matter as well--do absolutely nothing to help our nation’s internal relations. The end result is the promulgation of nationwide groupthink, in which the finger is always pointing at someone else for everything “wrong with this country”. There is little discussion, even less compromise, and zero understanding. The populace becomes so angrily focused on what other’s are doing wrong, that no one stops to take personal responsibility, and everyone is afraid to explore a thought outside their affiliation for fear of being ostracized.

The purpose of this website (read the full explanation here) is to intentionally offer a “fresh perspective”, to attempt to cut to the heart of important issues instead of sensationalizing their emotional extremities. Granted, I cannot promise that some future posts may possess a slightly more heated tone than others, but I will make conscious effort to try to establish and carry forth a reasonable mind. With that said, if you liked this article, I must ask, did you like it because it too is impregnated with the very character it chastises?

Closing thoughts,

“Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear,slow to speak, slow to anger;” James 1:19

May your fire never go out,