Post Election: Remember, Love is the Greatest Commandment

The Story-

On November 8, 2016 the US held its election for her 44th (45th depending on how you count Cleveland's second term) President. Given the drastic character flaws each candidate possessed, the results were destined to be marred by public response. Sure enough as the final tallies were secured, the social media world was set on fire - as were a few cities during actual protests. Without speaking on behalf of any party or candidate, please allow me a brief moment of commentary on the current social storms.

The Commentary-

Social media ravings mean so little in the grand scheme of things. It matters not whether the personal preoccupation is with slandering one candidate or the other – or personally attacking their supporters. What I am most concerned with is the lack of intellectual depth from these posts. There is nothing patent in insulting those who hold an opinion different than yours. There is zero originality in that. Furthermore, the vast majority of those posts are shallow remarks meant as subtle (mostly not so subtle) jabs which only decrease our ability to discuss issues openly, seriously, and rationally.

The decision was made like it or not. The greatest favor an individual can do at this point is to spend their time wisely on something worthwhile instead of posting ignorant and inflammatory comments. Become educated on the victor’s platform; understand his intents, priorities, and plans. Decide what you think is good for this country and not. Then write your state representatives expressing your concerns. Write your local/city representatives as well. Your local leaders have much greater power than you realize, but only if you let them know what changes you want to see in your hometown.

Most importantly, quit turning a blind eye to the fact that every voter and non-voter out there is still human - is still a person who has their own trials and successes in life. On the day of the election, I ran into a young lady who had just moments prior received life altering horrible news. Do you think she cared about the election? Her life was forever changed by something immediately affecting her, meanwhile everyone around her is complaining about the latest polls.
Please don’t get so caught up in short sighted emotionally charged social justice rants that we lose sight of where REAL good can be done. Go out and do something to actually make a difference. It literally takes something as small as a simple compliment or a listening ear to turn someone’s day completely around – don’t believe me, just try it. Love people. Love people regardless of politics. Make a difference by being the change in your own life. Stop pleading for our leaders to do it for you.

Closing Thought-

Regardless of what the future holds, "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law." Galatians 5:23

May your fire never go out,