About the Website

Hello, I'm Tyler and this website was originally inspired by President FDR's long-running series of radio broadcasts known commonly as "fireside chats". FDR used these "fireside chats" to openly and reassuringly talk with the American people about the "hot button" issues of the day including the Great Depression and World War II. A common theme throughout his broadcasts was a tone of comfort and reassurance that through patriotism, progress, and Providence the nation could not only endure any hardship but be made that much more indomitable because of it.
However, the more energy I poured into materializing my vision for "The Fire Side" the more I realized the true purpose and meaning of it goes much deeper than a loosely based historical connection. Within each of us a quiet ember slowly burns. The question is, will you feed it? We all have passions, desires, and dreams, but how many honestly pursue them with the vigor required for success? I grew tired of being a consumer of society and felt an unquestionable desire to become a producer. "The Fire Side" is me fanning my own flames to grow as a person, and therefore my writings represent me speaking from my fire's side. They are not my end goal, but they are a means to the end--a way to keep myself motivated in other aspects of life. Additionally, if anything I say can help breathe life into another's ember then my time will not have been in vain. I hope you enjoy "The Fire Side", and I look forward to writing for you. -T.H.

Special Thanks and Support

Special shout out goes to Matthew (pictured above) whose computer savvy skill set made this project possible. Check him out over at M2 Development Solutions--specializing in software production, troubleshooting, and cloud based applications. If you need any program support check them out by clicking the link above!